Galerie VIDÉO

Galerie VIDÉO

Sur cette page, vous retrouverez des extraits vidéos filmés par les enseignants durant différentes activités avec les élèves sur le Froggle’s Camp 2022. Bon visionnement!

Grade 6A and 6B – Week #2

Here is a LIPDUB that the students prepared and filmed with our Dance and Sports TAs. The song they used is « You Belong With Me » from Taylor Swift. They have done an amazing job! Listen and look!

LIPDUB: You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift (grade 6A-6B)

Preschool Week #2

Here are different songs our preschool students worked on during the week. They sang 4 different songs. 

  1. Walking in the jungle
  2. Let’s go to the zoo
  3. Animals in action
  4. I love you

Let’s listen to them sing 🙂

  1. Walking in the Jungle

2. Let’s go to the Zoo

3. Animals in Action

4. I love you

KA and KB Week #2

Here is a video made by Noémie and Annabelle showing an overview of their week #2. We can see they really had a great week again. Good job!

KA and KB (Story Reading)

Here we can see students reading the story they worked on during the week. The name of the story is go car go.  Let’s listen to them read.

Team #1

  1. Charles B.
  2. Louka P.
  3. Bastien C.
  4. Zack D.
  5. Aiden L.
  6. Ariane C.
  7. Noémie L.
  8. Émile B.
  9. Béatrice L.

Team #2

  1. Elie B.
  2. Alexy B.
  3. Pierre L.
  4. Maxime T.
  5. Jordan C.
  6. Zack L.
  7. Antoine A.
  8. Romy L.
  9. Agathe C.
  10. Alexia C.

Team #3

  1. Noa N.
  2. Annabelle G.
  3. Milayna R.
  4. Thomas B.
  5. Gabriel C.
  6. Thomas C.
  7. Hayden C.
  8. Émile P.
  9. Daphnée D.
  10. Magalie L.

KC – Miss Lien

Here we can hear Lien’s class sing the song « The Wheels on the Bus »

Let’s listen to them sing.

Grade 3A – Miss Carolane

Here we can see grade 3 students with miss Carolane sing and dance to the song « Something just like this »

Have fun watching!